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EFT Tapping For When You're Struggling to Sleep

eft emotional wellbeing healing self-care Apr 17, 2023
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EFT Tapping For When You're Struggling to Sleep

Are you struggling to fall asleep?

Do you find yourself anxious before going to bed, staying awake as long as possible or lying in bed, tossing and turning, unable to quiet your mind and drift off?

Many of us experience occasional bouts of insomnia, and the resulting lack of sleep can leave us feeling groggy, irritable, and downright miserable the next day.

Here are 8 Things That Can Prevent a Good Night's Sleep (The points with a * by them can be resolved using EFT tapping)

  1. *Stress and Anxiety: If you're worried about many things at the moment, you'll know how anxiety can affect your sleep. EFT Tapping is a fantastic free and easy tool for a few minutes at the end of each day to help with this.  

  2. *Poor Sleep Habits: Maybe you've been staying up too late to finish work or watching TV in bed, or you've created an environment in your bedroom that doesn't promote good sleep hygiene. Poor sleep habits can lead to a vicious cycle of sleeplessness and fatigue. You can break bad habits and routines and support new ones using EFT Tapping.

  3. Medical Conditions: Chronic pain or medical conditions such as sleep apnea can disrupt your sleep, making it difficult to get restful sleep throughout the night.

  4. Medications: Certain medications can interfere with sleep and leave you feeling groggy or restless the next day.

  5. *Substance Dependancy: Including caffeine, nicotine, sugar and alcohol can all affect the quality of your sleep and make it difficult to fall or stay asleep. Book a free EFT Tapping consultation with me to get support with this.

  6. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes, such as those experienced during pregnancy, perimenopause or menopause, can impact the quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling restless or waking up frequently throughout the night.

  7. *Emotional Issues: Such as grief, anger, regret, embarrassment, guilt, and heartbreak can have a significant impact on your sleep quality. If you struggle to fall or stay asleep despite addressing other factors in this list, it may be worth exploring if underlying emotional issues need to be resolved. Book a free EFT Tapping consultation with me to get support with this.

  8. *Unresolved Trauma: Experiencing trauma, whether it's a single event or a series of events over time, can dysregulate our nervous system causing it to get stuck in a state of hyperarousal that makes it difficult to relax and sleep. This is because our body is still in survival mode and subconsciously constantly scanning for potential threats. My EFT Practice is Trauma-informed; book a free EFT Tapping consultation with me to get support with this.

Over 5 of these common reasons for not sleeping well can be improved or resolved using EFT Tapping. 

What is EFT Tapping? 

Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT Tapping, is a simple, drug-free, non-invasive, yet powerful tool that can help you release stress, anxiety, bad habits, emotional issues and unresolved trauma that keeps you awake and promotes a sense of calm and relaxation throughout your body and mind.

Based on the principles of acupuncture and modern psychology, EFT works by using your fingertips to tap on specific energy points on the face and body while talking about your challenge out loud to disrupt stress signals in the brain and nervous system and balance and release overwhelming thoughts, emotions and memories.

Here's a simple EFT Tapping script you can use the next time you're struggling to sleep:

  1. Even though I'm having trouble falling asleep, I deeply and completely love, accept, and forgive myself.

  2. Even though I feel so frustrated and exhausted, I choose to release this tension and allow my body to relax.

  3. Even though I can't seem to turn off my thoughts and drift off, I choose to trust that my body knows how to sleep and that I'll be able to get the rest I need.

Repeat this sequence as many times as you need to feel relaxed and sleepy, AND DRINK SOME WATER.

Using the tap-and-talk technique, you can customize this script to address any specific issues or concerns that might keep you awake.

It's important to remember that while watching this EFT Tapping video can be incredibly effective for one-off sleepless nights, if you've been struggling with insomnia for an extended period, there may be more profound, underlying emotional issues at play.

In this case, it's best to work with an experienced EFT practitioner who can help you identify and address these issues in a safe and supportive environment.

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