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Hello & Welcome! I'm Donna Louise (she/her),

I'm thrilled to have you here and excited to share a little about myself and my journey as an EFT Tapping practitioner. I've always been drawn to the power of emotions and their impact on our lives. As a former mindset coach for creatives, design teacher and textile travel host, I've had the privilege of connecting with people from all walks of life. Through these experiences, I realized that our emotions shape our reality and play a crucial role in helping us live fulfilled and passion-fuelled lives.

When I was a mindset coach for creatives, I discovered that although my clients genuinely desired to transform their lives, something deep underneath was holding them back. Despite all the mindset tools and positive thinking techniques, there was a missing piece to the puzzle. That's when I came across EFT Tapping.

EFT Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique, was a game-changer. It opened up a world of possibilities for me and my clients. This incredible practice not only works with the mind but also engages the body and the nervous system. By gently tapping specific energy points, we can release emotional blockages, let go of limiting beliefs, improve self-esteem, heal past wounds, and create profound shifts in our lives.

What truly inspires me about EFT Tapping is its ability to address the underlying causes of our challenges. Most of the time, we carry unresolved experiences from the past that keep us feeling stuck and prevent us from feeling good enough to embrace our true nature and potential. Through EFT, we can safely explore your feelings allowing for deep healing and transformation to take place.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I advocate for Pitbulls. I'm a dog fosterer for my local animal shelter and a lover of period dramas and murder mysteries.

Thank you for considering me to support you on your healing journey. I can't wait to support you in feeling your best and witnessing the incredible positive changes that lie ahead. 

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