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Harnessing the Hormonal Wave: How Your Menstrual Cycle Impacts Motivation

eft emotional wellbeing goal setting productivity self-care May 13, 2023
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Harnessing the Hormonal Wave: How Your Menstrual Cycle Impacts Motivation

Today, we're diving into the fascinating realm of how our menstrual cycles impact our energy, mood and motivation and three ways EFT Tapping can help.

I faced a daunting list of tasks yesterday, including writing this blog post.

A list which, at the start of the week, I was excited to write. 

But despite my best intentions, my motivation to do almost anything seems to have vanished.

It was frustrating. For a moment, I dramatically started questioning my abilities and purpose in life and floating in a sea of self-doubt.

But then, it hit me.

Could my menstrual cycle be playing a role in my lack of motivation today?

Curiosity led me to check my period-tracking app, Stardust (this is not a sponsored post, by the way), and there it was—I was in the luteal phase.

A wave of relief hit me as everything began to make sense.

The hormonal fluctuations during this phase can result in lower energy levels and decreased motivation.

It was a powerful and comforting reminder that my see-sawing motivation and current brain fog were, in fact, totally normal.

Unfortunately, our world was primarily built by and for men without considering women's natural rhythms.

It's essential to recognize that it's okay to have moments when our motivation isn't at its peak.

Society may have conditioned us to believe we should be driven and enthusiastic daily, but that expectation is unrealistic and unfair.

We must cut ourselves some slack and embrace that it's scientifically proven that women's energy levels fluctuate naturally each month.

I only really got into understanding my menstrual cycle a few years ago.

I tracked it casually, noting my emotional and physical state every few days.

This practice allowed me to identify patterns and anticipate when my motivation might be higher or lower.

With this knowledge, I began planning my activities and accommodating my energy accordingly.

During my follicular phase (Days 7 to 20), when energy and motivation surged, I took on challenging tasks and set ambitious goals.

During my luteal phase (Days 21 to 30) and my period (Days 1 to 6), I learned to be gentler with myself, do one thing at a time and take things much slower.

In the past, when faced with low motivation, I would often guilt-trip myself and consider giving up on my goals.

However, my newfound understanding of my menstrual cycle's hormonal fluctuations has taught me to accept my feelings.

Here are the top four hormones that affect menstruating women's mood, energy and motivation ↓

Estrogen: The queen of good vibes. During the first phase of your cycle, known as the follicular phase, estrogen levels skyrocket. It boosts our mood, gives us a sense of well-being, and even kicks our cognitive function up a notch. It's like a shot of energy and motivation straight to our system.

Serotonin: This neurotransmitter is crucial in regulating our mood and overall well-being. During the first half of the cycle, when estrogen levels are on the rise, serotonin dances its way to the top, making us feel fantastic. We're talking about good vibes, a positive mood, and that extra kick of motivation. But when the luteal phase rolls around, and progesterone takes charge, serotonin may take a bit of a nosedive.

Testosterone: Testosterone is our secret weapon for assertiveness, confidence, and drive. During the follicular phase, when testosterone levels are rising, we feel on top of the world—energetic, motivated, and ready to conquer anything. But as we transition to the luteal phase, testosterone starts to mellow out, and we may experience a slight dip in energy and motivation. 

Progesterone: As we move into the luteal phase after ovulation, progesterone takes the stage. It can be a bit of a mixed bag, though. On the one hand, it is soothing, helping us feel more relaxed. But on the flip side, it can bring mood swings, increased sensitivity, and a dip in energy and motivation.

 Image Credit: A typical 28-day menstrual cycle graph:


Remember, everyone's experience is unique, but tracking your cycle and tuning into your body's signals can help you navigate these ups and downs.

I've learned that these rises and dips in motivation are natural and temporary.

When motivation seems elusive, I take small steps forward, knowing that consistency and dedication are crucial and that staying committed to my long-term vision is more important than trying to do everything as fast as possible. 


Here are three ways EFT tapping can holistically help you manage emotional and physical symptoms during your luteal and period phases. 

Using this technique, you can create a sense of balance, release negative emotions, and support your overall well-being. Remember to personalize your tapping routine by focusing on the specific symptoms or feelings you're experiencing and adapting them to your needs.

  1. Easing Emotional Rollercoasters: We've all experienced those emotional rollercoasters during our luteal and period phases.

    Those moments when mood swings and irritability seem to take over. EFT tapping can be your empathetic companion in managing these emotions.

    By tapping on specific points and acknowledging your feelings, you give yourself permission to release the tension and find emotional balance.

    "Even though I feel like I hate everything and everyone right now, I accept this is how I feel today and trust it will pass."

  2. Supporting Your Body's Needs: The physical discomforts that come knocking during your luteal and period phase can be a killer. 

    The cramps, bloating, nausea and fatigue can be tough to handle. But with EFT tapping, you can offer your body the support it craves by promoting relaxation and reducing stress. 

    "Even though I feel so much pain and discomfort in my body right now, I choose to tap to help release any emotional tension that I'm holding onto that could make it worse."

  3. Letting Go of Guilt and Self-Judgment: It's all too easy to beat yourself up for not being as productive or motivated as you'd like during your luteal and period phase. But remember, you're not alone in this struggle.

    EFT tapping can help you release that heavy guilt and self-judgment. 

    "Even though I feel guilty and frustrated for not getting everything done, I choose to embrace and honour my  natural rhythms." 

Understanding the impact of your menstrual cycle on motivation can be a game-changer. By tracking your cycle, you can better understand yourself when planning activities

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