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Where could you be this time next year if today you...

eft free goal setting mindset Jan 01, 2023
Donna Louise Coaching
Where could you be this time next year if today you...

Happy New Year, folks. 

Whether you're one for setting new years resolutions and goals or not, it's unlikely you can escape the temptation on January 1st to think about what you want for the year ahead.  

Like you, I'm thinking about what I want for 2023 while simultaneously listening to all the obstacles my inner critic throws to deter me from the growth and joy I desire. 

That's why instead of just doing my usual annual aspirations workshop this year, I've created a free challenge, 30 Days of Tapping & Tips to Kickstart An Incredible Year! 

To help you subconsciously and somatically clear out any not-serving-you thoughts, feelings and memories,  and reset your mindset.

Doing so will empower you to diminish procrastination, build confidence and commit to yourself from a more genuinely grounded and optimistic space. Join the challenge now to receive the checklist and prompts.

Another way to overcome your inner critic when setting goals is to answer this 1 Question with 5 if's!

Where could you be this time next year:

  1. If today you released self-doubts?
    And remind yourself of all the ways you've already proven yourself to be capable.
  2. If today you committed to your goals?
    And seek support the next time the going gets tough instead of ghosting them and yourself.
  3. If today you prioritised progress, not perfection?
    And focused on enjoying the journey. 
  4. If today you embraced not having all your ducks in a row?
    And make the most of taking advantage of the time and resources you already have.  
  5. If today you looked at your past mishaps as stepping stones to success?
    And embrace the lessons learnt as part of your hero's story. 

And do you know what can help you overcome all of these obstacles? EFT Tapping.

Remember to ge
30 Days of Tapping & Tips to Kickstart An Incredible Year! and let me show you just how easy it is to make massive shifts in your mindset that can empower you to unlock your full potential. 


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