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The Easiest Way to Accept a Compliment: An Undervalued Life-Skill

emotional wellbeing mindset Apr 19, 2023
Donna Louise Coaching
The Easiest Way to Accept a Compliment: An Undervalued Life-Skill

Have you ever received a compliment and failed miserably at accepting it?

Maybe someone told you that you did a great job on a project or that you looked really nice that day.

But instead of feeling proud or grateful, you felt uncomfortable and awkward.

I used to struggle with accepting compliments, too.

I would either brush them off or deflect them but saying, 'Really', or 'It's nothing', and act surprised because I didn't want to seem vain or big-headed.

But then my coach knocked some sense into me by telling me that by dismissing or downplaying compliments, I was:

  1. Being rude to the person that gave it to me.
  2. Diminishing my own confidence. 
  3. Tell the other person that I don't value myself or my accomplishments.

So why do so many of us find it difficult to accept praise?

  1. Social and family conditioning: From a young age, we're taught to be humble and avoid boasting, which can make us feel uncomfortable when receiving compliments. Some families may emphasize the importance of being modest, leading to a cultural conditioning that discourages accepting compliments.

  2. Low self-esteem: If we have negative beliefs about ourselves, we may struggle to internalize positive feedback and see ourselves in a positive light. This can make it hard to accept compliments as we don't feel deserving of them.

  3. Previous negative experiences: If someone has had negative experiences with compliments in the past, such as receiving insincere compliments or being criticized for accepting compliments, they may be less likely to accept compliments in the future.

  4. Perfectionism: People with perfectionistic tendencies may have an "all or nothing" mindset, where they believe they must always be perfect or they're a failure. Compliments can be challenging for perfectionists, as they may feel like they're not living up to their own high standards and don't deserve the praise.

So, what's the easiest and simplest way to accept a compliment? 

Simply say, "Thank you,"

Try it with me now, 

'That colour really suits you'  → 'Thank You'

'I thought your presentation was excellent' → ''Thank You'

' I think what you do takes so much courage and perseverance' → ' Thank You'

By accepting compliments graciously, we can build relationships and our self-esteem and cultivate a positive self-image, which can profoundly impact our personal and professional lives.

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