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10 Common self-limiting beliefs that show up in creatives

coaching free healing mindset Aug 10, 2022
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10 Common self-limiting beliefs that show up in creatives

What is a self-limiting belief?

A self-limiting belief is a strong negative opinion or story about your identity that limits or blocks your perception of what is possible for you. 

Self-limiting beliefs are typically subconscious protection mechanisms running on auto-pilot behind the scenes, designed to prevent you from experiencing the stress and vulnerability caused by expanding your comfort zone.

Ultimately, as hard as it sounds, SLB are simply excuses that prevent you from pursuing your full potential and dream life.

 Everybody has their own set of SLB based on their life experiences, but these are the most common ones I hear from creatives - with a little bit of questioning to help shake them loose. 

  1. I'm too much/loud/colourful/weird (insert any adjective here) for people to like me.

    *Is it true that not everybody likes the same thing? Could it just be you've not found your people yet?

  2. It's too late for me to follow my dream now.

    *Can you find examples of other people following their dreams later in life?

  3. I'm a creative. I'm not the 'businessy' type.

    *Can you only be one or the other? Can't you be both?

  4. I'm bad at promoting myself, and that's not going to change now.

    *Could it be you don't have the skills yet? Have you learnt new things and changed before? 

  5. I'd never be able to do what they have done.

    *If they can do it, isn't that proof that it can be done and that it's possible you can do it too?

  6. I don't have the time to do more of what I love.

    *What if you could make the time? Would you do it then? You don't have the time or the desire? 

  7. Nobody is interested in what I create, so what's the point?

    *Nobody? Ever? How many people have you shared your work with?

  8. I don't need help. If I was good enough, I could do it all by myself.

    *If you started a new job, would you expect to be alone without support?

  9. I need to be more accomplished/experienced/known before I can have my exhibition/start a business/apply for that competition.

    *How long will that take? Is it possible you could gain what you seek in the process of becoming, not only before? 

  10. I'm not good/creative/original/likeable/smart (insert any adjective here) enough to be successful.

    *Enough for who? Enough for what, specifically?

Did any of these resonate with you? How many out of the ten did you get?

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