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 Looking to heal what's been harming your relationships, career, health, wealth or self-esteem?

Through 1:1 sessions and workplace
 training, I use clinical EFT Tapping to help you heal from painful past experiences, process trauma, reduce anxiety and calm overwhelming emotions so you can feel like yourself again.

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Release trauma, anxiety, anger, fears, grief, anger, shame, heartbreak or any other unpleasant emotions you feel are causing you harm.

Learn to regulate your nervous system to become less overwhelmed or reactive in stressful situations.

Feel calmer, think more clearly and become a more grounded space for yourself and the people you care about to be around.

Susan, Canada

Just do it! It seems like a simple technique, but learning to tap with Donna, a pro, has been much more helpful than tapping by myself.

What is Emotional Freedom Techniques? Aka EFT Tapping is a drug-free therapy where you use your fingers to tap on acupressure points while giving voice to a challenge you are experiencing. 

Often described as 'acupuncture without needles', the technique has been scientifically proven to calm the brain's stress centre, reduce cortisol and regulate the nervous system supporting you to resolve and release unpleasant or overwhelming thoughts and feelings in the present and from your past.

Clinical EFT Tapping can help you with ‚Üď

Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, disassociation, low sex drive, fears and phobias, angry outbursts, insomnia, cravings and addictions, painful past experiences, heartbreak, and so much more.

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Hi, I'm Donna Louise,

Design lecturer and textile travel host turned clinical EFT Tapping Practitioner.

After losing my textile tour business to Covid-19 lockdowns in 2020, I began exploring mindset and wellbeing techniques to support my mental and emotional health.

EFT Tapping had such a profoundly positive impact on my life that I decided to get certified in it to share and support others with using this incredible tool too.

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Andrea, Canada.

I have had two profound realizations during EFT Tapping sessions. Although I still need to work on what I discovered, EFT has helped me acknowledge where I have blockages and given me the skills to overcome them.

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How can I support you this year and beyond?

Private EFT Tapping sessions to process unpleasant feelings, regulate your nervous system, relieve stress and create a sense of safety in the body once more.

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EFT Wellbeing Training for workplaces and teams. Teach your employees how to reduce stress, self-regulate and take care of their emotional health. 

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Momtaz, UK,

I've made more progress in three months working with Donna than I've made on my own in the last three years.

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Reach your goals
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so you can have your most impactful year yet!

With two complete EFT Tapping Sessions and Workbook. 

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Cindy, Argentina.

Learning how to do EFT with my own phrases has been great, and it's helped me to understand when I've been blocking my way and to respect the ups and downs of my creative process.

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