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All trainings explore how to diminish overwhelming emotions and negative thoughts using EFT Tapping and are participatory. 

Workshop prices vary
depending on the number of participants, style and duration desired but typically start from ₤60pp for a 45-minute introduction for a minimum of four people. Please, book a free consultation to discuss your needs and budget. 
All workshops are virtual and can be delivered via Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom. 

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Workshops on perfectionism, releasing guilt, quieting your inner critic, stopping self-sabotage, fearing failure, unlocking money blocks, and more are available upon request.
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So, what is EFT Tapping? 

Emotional Freedom Techniques
, aka EFT Tapping, is a complementary therapy where you use your fingers to tap on your body's acupressure points while giving voice to a challenge you are experiencing. 

Often described as 'acupuncture without needles', the technique has been scientifically proven to elevate your well-being by calming the brain's stress centre and reducing cortisol. 

EFT is a powerful and profound way to support your subconscious mind and body to resolve, reprogram or release detrimental thoughts, feelings, beliefs and habits in the present and from the past that are holding you back in your aspirations, career, relationships, wealth, health and more.

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Resolve challenges in the moment so you can find solutions and make better decisions feeling calmer and thinking more clearly.

Reprogram the subconscious mind to let go of what's not serving you, accept change and embrace more desirable ways of being.

Release detrimental thoughts, feelings, bad habits, pain, outdated subconscious beliefs and suppressed tension from the mind and body.

Benefits of EFT Tapping In The Workplace

*After one 60-minute EFT Tapping Session, 2020. Source: Dr Peta Stapleton.

Why work with Me?

  • I use EFT Tapping on myself most days.
  • I'm a Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner. 
  • I will share my simple-to-remember and, most importantly, empowering 'RCC Tapping Technique' for using EFT Tapping to help my clients achieve emotional freedom and improved personal well-being with ease.
  • I can create EFT tapping workshops to facilitate your team's specific well-being and mindset needs.
  • Clients describe me as passionate, positive, encouraging, empathetic, thorough and transparent.
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Looking for a resident Mindset & Wellbeing Coach for your employees?

I can help empower and support your employees more frequently when you hire me as your company's resident coach.  

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